Entry Requirements:


Grade C in GCSE Drama




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Future Opportunities:


Students with AS or Advanced GCE Drama and Theatre Studies have crucial skills that will aid them in a wide variety of professions. A career in theatre and the arts is an obvious choice due to the specific knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course and a significant number of our students do indeed go on to pursue such a vocation. However, the strong emphasis on teamwork and communication skills as well as a creative approach to problem solving mean that drama and theatre studies qualifies you to move in to a range of careers.


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Drama & Theatre Studies

Taught at Tapton School



The course will develop your analytical and critical thinking skills and enhance your ability to work as a productive and integral member of a team. Practical exploration and performance work develops communication skills and confidence. Such skills are transferable and vital assets in whatever career path you choose. Clearly the opportunity to learn more about many aspects of the theatre profession is beneficial to any student wishing to pursue a career in the arts and media. The opportunity to take part in the creation and performance of both scripted and devised plays as well as seeing live theatre at professional venues is one that excites and stimulates many people opting for this course.


Course Content:


Within this course you will see how to approach play scripts through both practical and written exploration developing your appreciation of genre, dramatic form and conventions. You will develop skills as a performer or designer and learn how to critically evaluate, analyse and negotiate both independently and as part of a group.




AS level forms the first half of the advanced GCE course. You can take the AS course on its own or decide at the end of the AS course whether or not to continue on to complete the full advanced GCE qualification. The AS course is structured in 2 units, each carrying their own assessment weighting.


Unit 1: Exploration of Drama and Theatre: This unit forms an introduction to the detailed study of two plays from the point of view of performers, designers and directors. You will be expected to demonstrate your interpretation and understanding of the two texts by exploring them in practical workshops and completing a set of 'Exploration Notes', to a maximum of 3500 words. Students are also required to experience a live theatre performance and submit an evaluation to a maximum of 1500 words. At least one of the plays must be explored in the light of a recognised theatre practitioner. This unit will introduce you to a basic vocabulary of drama and theatre that you can apply to the rest of the course. You will be internally assessed under coursework conditions with marks being awarded for both practical exploration and written notes. This unit is worth 40% of your total AS grade.


Unit 2: Theatre Text in Performance : In this unit students will undertake a role within the production of a play. You will be assessed on the effective use of performing or design skills and the way in which they communicate the interpretation of the chosen play to an audience. You will be directed by your teacher, perform to a public audience and an external examiner who will assess you during the performance. Additionally you will perform a monologue or duologue from a different play to that performed in the first section of this unit. This unit is worth 60% of your total AS grade.






















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