Entry Requirements:


Five or more GCSEs Grade 9-4/A*-C or equivalent, including English


Minimum Grade 4 in Art.




Year 12 – One non exam assessment project and one controlled exam project at the end of the year. 60% portfolio, 40% exam


Year 13 – One non exam assessment project which includes a written journal of 1000 words and one controlled exam project. 60% portfolio, 40% exam.



Future Opportunities:


Consider the world you live in. So much has been through the hands of someone trained in one of the numerous areas of Art & Design. It offers many areas of employment and is growing, from Architecture to Fashion, Product Design or Interior Design, Textile Design, Theatre and Stage design, Makeup, Advertising, Film, the list is long and growing.




Taught by L Bird



Art A level is designed to appeal to pupils wishing to follow a creative path and provide the ideal stepping stone to degree or further education within this exciting industry.


Galleries will be visited and a trip to Paris will be part of the course in Year 12.



Course Content:


The course is based around developing the skills learnt at GCSE and applying these at a higher level. Pupils can work to their strengths whilst having the time to practice other skills and techniques.


Each pupil must include in their portfolio:


  • A selection of thoughtfully presented work that demonstrates the breadth and depth of the course of study.
  • At least one extended collection of work or project, based on an idea, concept, theme or issue. This should demonstrate the pupil’s ability to sustain work from an initial starting point to realisation. It should include evidence of their ability to research and develop ideas and link their work in a meaningful way to relevant critical/contextual materials.


These include


  • Fine Art – Drawing and painting using a wide range of techniques and styles. A wide range of mediums including, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal, pencil, acrylics, mono printing, lino printing, etching and watercolours.
  • Textiles – Batik, screen printing, felt making.
  • Sculpture – Clay, card, wire construction and plaster.
  • Research – Pupils must research and learn from investigations into the work of other artists, crafts persons and designers.
























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